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What other colivers say

Denisa Brichtova

Denisa Brichtova

UX designer and Digital Nomad

Great app for tracking my friend's travel plans and coliving stays. Thanks to this, I can plan my journey with my friend's destinations in mind, so we can meet or travel together.

Pablo Company

Pablo Company

Software engineer and Traveller

Amazing, it allows me to keep in touch with my nomad friends and also keep contact with the coliving community while travelling the world. We definitely needed something like that.

Unai Garay

Unai Garay

AI Engineer and Traveller

Mapmelon is perfect for digital nomads, it allows them to share their travel experiences and find coliving options on the go. Making it easy to connect with like-minded individuals.

Pascal Pixel

Pascal Pixel

Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

There are other sites that offer the same thing but these have become bloated with features and meeting strangers. It's nice to just be able to match plans and ideas with the people I care about.

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