About us

The New Normal

Imagine a world reshaped by the pandemic, where remote work becomes the usual way of life. We've traveled while working from city to city, seeking communities that match our ideals and aspirations.

But with every new place, we consistently faced a challenge: finding a coliving space that truly represented the spirit of community. While many platforms provided listings, they often missed the core of coliving - the meaningful bonds and shared experiences.

Team in the Hatchery

Inspired by our own journeys and the stories of countless others, we decided to make a change...

To us, coliving isn't just about shared spaces; it's about genuine connections and a shared way of life.

In November 2022, Mapmelon came to life. Beyond being a simple listing platform, we intertwine stories, handpick experiences, and showcase the essence of every community.

What drives us

Our mission

We empower remote workers and digital nomads with curated community-oriented coliving experiences and facilitate connections. In particular, we feature those colivings which promote a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle worldwide

Our vision

To be the leading marketplace of colivings for remote workers, distinguished by our commitment to community, transparency, and authenticity. We will be the go-to hub for colivers seeking not only accommodation but also a sense of belonging and purpose within vibrant coliving communities.

Our values

We value open and transparent communication with our users, partners, and team members.

Community Focused
Creating connections, facilitating collaboration, and nurturing a sense of community among colivers is our top priority.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle
With more and more individuals travelling and working at the same time, we firmly believe that coliving can revolutionize the digital nomadism lifestyle by offering more than a place to stay: new connections, friendships, and shared experiences.

Mapmelon is the digital space where any individual feels “at home”, by fostering a diverse, equal, and inclusive environment.

Local impact
Mapmelon contributes to leveraging positive impact on local communities by promoting sustainable and responsible experiences, particularly those which have a focus on this.

Meet the team


Ramon Morcillo

Co-founder and CTO

Software engineer freelancer, that has been nomading since Covid. Ramon discovered the impact of community while meeting extraordinary people at different colivings.

He loves surfing, One Piece and watermelons 🍉


Sole Garcia

Co-founder and CEO

Digital marketer, she has been a nomad since 2022. Sole discovered the personal growth obtained from others at different colivings.

She loves videogames, one piece and strawberries 🍓



Chief Cutness Officer and PR

Mascot of mapmelon, it was born on 2023 after a tiring day at the airport.

It represents the meloner community that collaborates and support mapmelon daily. It doesn't like watermelons (it isn't a cannibal)

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We are proud to have been featured and worked with some of the most innovative teams in the world of Colivings, Digital Nomads and Remote Workers. We are always looking for new partnerships and collaborations to help us grow and improve our platform.

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