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[Island-life in Japan with a co-working space at "The Pier | Goto Nagasaki."] This coliving embodies the community where the locals and the house residents blend together. With English support provided, this coliving welcomes everyone without the ​language barrier. You can visit this island like a traveler, and from the first day, you can start your island-life without worrying about purchasing the furniture/ home appliances! Facility Name:The Pier | Goto Nagasaki Address:〒853-0017 1-7-12 Buke-yashiki, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Details: Instagram: Contact:


internet speed
92 Mbps
Min nights
30 nights min

What will you find here?

shared kitchen

The Community at The Pier | Goto Nagasaki

Coliving is all about community. Here is what you can look forward to inThe Pier | Goto Nagasaki: a lively, friendly atmosphere where you will meet people who love remote work and travel as much as you do. There are cozy common areas where you can hang out, work together, or just relax and chat.


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    Room options

    You will be sharing this coliving with up to 6 other colivers.


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    Where you will be

    🇯🇵 Goto, Japan

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    Frequently asked questions about The Pier | Goto Nagasaki

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    How do I do groceries?
    There is a grocery store nearby (within 6 min-walk).
    What are the coworking opening hours?
    What is the policy on pets? Are there any restrictions, fees or rules?
    Small pets such as birds and fish are accepted on the agreement of other residents. Cats and dogs are not accepted.
    How do I get there?
    The Pier | Goto Nagasaki is located on the second floor of the SERENDIP HOTEL GOTO, ​which is within a 10-minute walk (4-minute drive) from Fukue Port...
    What is included?
    The facility offers six ​private rooms with semi-double beds, a resident-exclusive kitchen, communal spaces, ​shower rooms, and washing machines. Addi...
    Why did you decide to open?
    Our purpose is to introduce the hidden gems in Japan to digital nomads around the world. This helps the local communities to get revitalized, while pr...
    How do you manage the community?
    We aim to grow the community where the locals and the house residents blend together.

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