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Escape to our coliving space in Benarrabá, Malaga, where you can soak up the charm of Andalusian life while basking in the peace of rural Spain. Tucked away in the scenic mountains of southern Spain, our partnership with ROORAL offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Here, time slows down, giving you the chance to really take it all in. Picture wandering through historic streets lined with flowers and becoming part of a tight-knit community of friendly locals. From exploring lush forests to trying your hand at artisan workshops, our coliving setup is all about connecting with nature, yourself, and others in a meaningful way. When it's time to buckle down and get work done, our coworking space has you covered. With 20 workstations and lightning-fast internet, you can stay connected and productive while surrounded by stunning mountain views. And when you need a break, our cozy cafeteria is the perfect spot for grabbing a cup of coffee and soaking in the scenery. Just a heads up, we like to keep work and living areas separate to encourage real connections, but if you need to stay connected in your living space, we've got SIM cards available upon request. Join us in Benarrabá for an unforgettable adventure that combines work and play in a breathtaking setting, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


internet speed
1000 Mbps
Min nights
1 nights min

What will you find here?

shared kitchen
call rooms
nice views
outdoor area

The Community at Nomadico Malaga - Coliving | Coworking

Coliving is all about community. Here is what you can look forward to inNomadico Malaga - Coliving | Coworking: a lively, friendly atmosphere where you will meet people who love remote work and travel as much as you do. There are cozy common areas where you can hang out, work together, or just relax and chat.


  • hiking


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  • workshops


  • yoga


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You will be sharing this coliving with up to 5 other colivers.


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Where you will be

🇪🇸 Benarrabá, Spain

  • mountain


  • rural


  • town


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