Growth Coliving 



Keep on remote working in our coliving, and when you finish working... relax doing activities or workshops, or just rest. We like to be in contact with our local neighbors, because they are simply wonderful, we like to connect the coliving with the local Galician people. If you need to relax a lot more, 20 minutes away from the coliving there are hot springs, there are the Japanese hot springs and the hot springs that are more natural, because you are in nature, my favorite without a doubt after a day of work. Every month, we do a workshop in which we invite people from the village, the last one was to generate electricity with mushrooms, it was our coliver Adri who told us how he did it, and we loved it.

ruralergonomic chairsnice viewsmonitorsbreakfast+ 7

300 Mbps


16 nights min




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